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Cali-dance - the team sport that creates amazing at life individuals

Welcome to 2017 and to the Cali-ACT website.  Whether you are new to calisthenics, or an experienced participant, it is our pleasure to say "hi" from our home page.

 If you are new to cali-dance, our website is designed to give you a taste of what calisthenics is and why we believe it is a great sporting activity for young people from the age of three up, especially but not exclusively, girls.  Read about our cali-dance superstars, talented young women who believe their success at dance, sport and acting owes a lot to their early participation in calisthenics.   See what our coaches say too, and read the testimonials from our participants and our community.

 From here you can link to the websites of Canberra's seven cali-dance clubs to find one that suits you.  Our clubs are reasonably evenly spread out across the ACT to make it easy to recruit participants from all suburbs and from across the border in Queanbeyan, Jerrabomberra and other NSW localities.  There will be one near you waiting to welcome you aboard.

 If you are an experienced calisthenics person, one of our skilful participants, talented coaches or just a hard-working parent supporting your child in this amazing sport, here you find our calendar of competitions and events, information on our skills program and on the ACT Representative Team.  You can also link across to the Australian Calisthenic Federation's website or drill down into our own rules and regulations.

Whatever your reason for visiting, welcome again and we hope you find what you are looking for.  If not, and you have further questions, please ask and we will ensure your query is passed on to someone who can answer you.

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2017 Calendar

Cali-ACT Prelim. Solo Comp:
April, Friday 7 - Sunday 9
Erindale Theatre - Wanniassa
Cali-ACT Champ. Solo Comp:
May, Friday 19 - Sunday 21
Erindale Theatre - Wanniassa
Cali-ACT Prelim. Team Comp:
July, Friday 28 - Sunday 30
Erindale Theatre - Wanniassa
Cali-ACT Champ. Team Comp:
September, Friday 8 - Sunday 10
Erindale Theatre - Wanniassa